Wednesday, 6 December 2017, 09.00–11.00 am, Sheraton Stockholm Hotel

David vs Goliat 2.0 – a seminar on opportunities and obstacles along the 1.5 degrees pathway

Based on the OECD report Investing in climate, investing in growth, which will be presented by Anthony Cox of the OECD, the seminar will explore economic and geopolitical challenges for transformation pathways around the world that are consistent with the ambition to stay well below 2° C or 1.5°C .

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Do the currently high renewable growth rates indicate that we are on the verge of a transformative green technology shift, or will the massive momentum of brown solutions keep us locked into an emissions pathway beyond the point of no return? Going to specifics, what role could China’s Belt and Road Initiative play? How could US climate policy impact the game? What are the implications of India’s energy choices? What’s the role of the EU?

Moderators Eva Krutmeijer and Karl Hallding.